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I was enrolled in a summer Service-Learning Program through ACCD. this blog follwed our adventures in San Antonio and in Oaxaca. It now holds some thoughts on life, and fun as well as comments. I will continue to post Oaxaca information as i get it. you will want to continue checking for updates since we are suppose to go back in March 07!

Dont drink the water
Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Ever hear "Don't drink the water."? Is it a myth or truth? I think today we found out, dont drink the water, or lemonade, or tea, or brush your teeth for that matter.
In class we got to meet our instructor for HUMA 1302 Ms. Karen Marcotte. She just got back from another Service-Learning Program to China. What a trooper she came in to teach us, not only jet lag, but with a bug. Really a parasite in her stomach, poor thing. But having heard that our class started discussing should we really drink the water in Oaxaca? Liz, offered some great advise, ask for "limonada minerale" or mineral lemonade. She said it does not taste bad at all. Ok one thing solved, but what about my teeth? I guess bottle water for that. We were also told to beware of what we are eating because we could get sick that way too. Does that mean no fried grasshoppers?

The class seems to go by rather quickly, even with a long survey we had to take today. Over 300 questions ranging from our belief in God, my relationship with my parents to something like should we excuse a man for having an affair because he is a man? A man must have done this survey because we all know the answer to that one, strongly disagree. That was the strongest choice I had to choice from I could not make my own up. If not there would be a couple of choice words in there to support my strongly disagree. We will have to take another survey when we come back from our trip. Boy I look forward to how that one will read.

Tomorrow we are going to learn more about the history of Oaxaca and see some black clay pots. The town of Bartolo in Oaxaca is know to make elegant black pottary. I hope to be able to safely bring back at least two pots. I can't wait to find out more about this country and it's history. I have read so much in my book Oaxaca by Bruce Whipperman and I am ready to see if it is as rich in beauty as he says it is.
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My first day in class
Tuesday, May 30, 2006
When I first decided that I was going to go back to school I did not relalize how close I was to graduating. I had changed my major two times, finally I found my real passion, public relations.

I have three classes left to take to complete my degree Associates in Marketing and Public Relations. When i got accepted into the summer course I was suprised that I was concidered. COMM 2311 is one of the courses I need to graduate. When I recieved the email that we were being enrolled reality started sinking in not only with myself but my family. "Mommy who is going to feed us?" my nine year old asked, "Mommy who is going to take me to practice?" my seven year old son asked and of course my wise four year old, "What are you going to bring me back? Will there be toys over there for you to buy me?" The truth of the matter is that I am very excited and very hesitant.

Arriving on the 7th floor at San Antonio College I was a little lost, and confused. I went in circles and kept on hitting a dead end. I thought to myself, ok if I can't find a classroom at school, how I am I going to find my way in Oaxaca? Now that I've meet my fellow classmates and heard a little about each of them, Brendan who goes to Incarnet Word, Camile who this is her third trip, Liz sounds like I should stick by her side; she's eaten grasshoppers, Gail, if we go swimming I know I'll feel safe, Meliane, sounds like I can pick her brain with some graphic art, Mary we have a connection and did'nt even know, we go to the same church, Giselle seems so intresting just deciding to get on a bus and come to Texas, Alex who in his many travels, I bet will have some intresting adventures to tell about and Jewelette, we will all have to see if she has any helpfull information about Dr. Richter and her expectations that we might want to know about to assist us in the course since she has had her before. All ten of us are in for an adventure. I am thinking we might get lost, we might run into dead ends just like this morning. But I am also thinking that together because of the diversity of our group, the passion that each of us will bring and the friendship that will develop, that we can find our way and dead ends will become new begingings

My first day in class was my first day of an adventure that I know will end with lasting memories and friendships.
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About Me: New me, not the same one that started out in the begining of the summer. Oaxaca and what I saw here in SA changed me. I use to think I did a lot, volunteer for organizations, chair events. blablabla. But there is sooo much more to do! And i learned not to be afraid. Not that I was scared of things before. But not to be afraid to venture out and ask questions. Or to say NO! And to ask why something can't happen. To be in the middle of all that and not knowing what tomorrow held. Finding out who really loved you when you called home, who was waiting for your call.. maybe my last call, that woke me up to what i want for my life....New me ..braver, more aggressive, and more FOCUS than ever on a GOAL! UPDATE: one goal completed since last updated: i graduating w/ my AA in PR! 2nd goal going to OLLU for my BS. 3rd goal: WE ARE GOING BACK TO OAXACA!!!
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